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Welcome to my first Deathwatch campaign! Shadow of the Serpent.

Well, I’m sure from the title you know the entire premise and all the enemies that you will be facing. But, I’m going to try and entertain you as little as possible anyways. If you remember my rantings, I will make the game harder and harder until you guys start burning fate points. Shit is going to go down, and most of it will come from your pants.


This will take place in the Jericho Reach which is within the Ultima Segmentum, which is near the Eastern Fringe. The Deathwatch has received a communication from a xenos inquisitor who requested assistance to destroy a recently established Tau colony.

You have been offered to the Deathwatch as champions from your respective chapters. It is a great honour to serve the Deathwatch, pretty much only the best of the best get chosen to go. Although you are effectively loaned to the Deathwatch for the mission, it doesn’t mean you can’t return.


Destroying the Tau colony uncovered some disturbing information. There was a Tyranid Genestealer cult in the depths of the city. The situation became dire as a nearby system is attacked by a massive Splinter fleet. The Deathwatch is tasked with buying time for reinforcements to arrive.

More will be written as the plot progresses.

Main Page

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