Shadow of the Serpent

Urza II Mission Briefing

Ref: Dw/01928374/BI
Author: Watch Captain Marcus
Subject: Mission Briefing
Name: Urza II
Location: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Jericho Reach
Tithe Grade: NA
Notes: Tau Empire colony

Mission Details: Inquisitor Dolos has petitioned the assistance of the Deathwatch to participate in a joint operation between the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy with the goal of destroying a recently formed Tau colony on the planet of Urza II. The goal of the Deathwatch is to kill the Tau commanders: a Tau Ethereal and a Tau Battlesuit Commander.
Once the Imperial Guard has started to lay siege on the colony, you will be sent by drop pod directly into the heart of the city. You are to find and kill both commanders for the destruction of the Tau force to be complete.

Secondary Objectives: A shield generator is protecting the colony and preventing Admiral Archer from fully supporting the Imperial Guard, destroy it. The Imperial Guard needs a breach in the colony wall, Lieutenant-General Trost recommends either opening the western gate or destroying a part of the western wall.

Tertiary Objectives: Set rallying points in three strategic locations. These locations will be provided for you and include supply depots and armories.

Inquisitor Dolos: The Inquisitor requests that you capture alive one significant Tau military official, be it a squad leader to a battlesuit pilot, or even the commander. This is a highly dangerous objective and will be left to your discretion.

Society: Urza II is a modern Imperial agri-world, most local decisions are decided upon a majority vote in a committee with the power to veto in the hands of the planetary-governer. Urza II provided a significant share of grox meat and wheat products to the entire Jericho Reach sector. The loss of this planet to the Tau has seen several worlds in nearby systems start to head to starvation. A revolt from the people of the world of Tau sympathizers, blinded by their propaganda of the “Greater Good”, overthrew the Imperial government 30 years ago. The Tau has since built their colony over the largest city on the planet and is currently developing the colony.



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