Shadow of the Serpent

Training Rites

Session 1

After a brief introduction with Watch Captain Marcus, the squad was sent to the training room. Their mission, to kill Tau commander dummies. An Ethereal and a Battlesuit commander.

Right off from the start, they come under fire. Bolter rounds whizzed by and managed to graze the Ultramarine in the head. Going from building to building, the Space Marines eliminated their servitor foes.

The first objective found was the Ethereal. The Blood Angel jump packed to the roof for an ambush. The rest of the party traded rounds with the servitor guards within. When the time was right to strike, the Blood Angel activated his jump pack and rushed the Ethereal dummy, severing the head with a single strike before anyone else could react.

On to the final building, the Space Marines planned their move. The Storm Warden throws a grenade and paralyzes a servitor guard. Deciding not to just look into the building, the Ultramarine steps into a hail of heavy bolter fire from 2 retro fitted automatic bulk loaders. Fortunately, the hand of the Emperor protected the dimwitted Marine, who managed to dodge the gunfire and keep safe behind the wall.

Getting creative, the Dark Angel rolled a krak grenade against the building wall and detonated it, severely damaging the side of the building. He then prepared his heavy bolter to fire. Seeing the potential in the idea, the Storm Warden set up his own krak grenades in the same spot and detonated them, destroying the wall and revealing the Commander Dummy to the Devastator who immediately let loose a torrent of fire into the side of the bulk loader, severely damaging its armour. The Blood Angel made his way onto the roof to toss a grenade at the enemy and was met with gun fire from one of the bulk loaders, nearly severing his legs.

At the distraction from the bulk loaders, the Ultramarine charges the Commander and rends the front of the vehicle with his force sword. The second bulk loader unloads onto the Ultramarine in front of the Commander, but doesn’t hit any. The Dark Angel lets loose another barrage of bolter fire into the side of the Commander and manages to wreck it. The training rites came to an end.

The party is sent to the briefing room to meet the other Imperial commanders and get the mission briefing. The squad is being asked to make a drop pad assault into the Tau colony to kill the commanders. They are also asked to destroy a shield generator and a section of the colony wall to get assistance from orbit and the Imperial Guard. Inquisitor Dolos also asks the Deathwatch to capture alive any Tau authority figure, the high the status the better.



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