Shadow of the Serpent

The Serpent Strikes

Session 3

Bursting out of the wall tunnels, the Kill-team is just in time to see the wall open and the Imperial Guard charge into the colony. The Dark angel called on a Commissar to call for Inquisitor Dolos and to be seconded some guardsmen for the final assault.

Shortly, the Inquisitor arrives and is given the Ethereal. The Deathwatch informs him of a Tyranid infestation within the colony. Troubled, the Inquisitor issues all Imperial Guard units flame throwers and additional grenades. The seconded guard squad sergeants advise the Kill-team of the arrival of medical chimeras that attend to the Space Marines.

Battle-ready once more, the Space Marines move to plan their next move on the now surrounded Shas’o headquarters. Huddling behind what little cover there is, Fire Warriors and Broadside Battlesuits defended the compound valiantly. Guardsmen filled the surrounding buildings and soon a barrage of Earthshaker rounds obliterated some of the defending Tau. In retaliation, a squad of Stealthsuits cleared a building of guardsmen.

The Deathwatch got into position with their Guardsmen. Over the voxcasters, the Storm Warden coordinated a company-wide assault onto the Tau position to make an opening for the Space Marines for the attack on the Commander in the building. The Dark Angel gave the order to fire a signal flare. All at once, the charging cry of several hundred guardsmen filled the air. Soldiers ran headlong into the Fire Warriors, making enough room for the Deathwatch to make it to the compound walls.

The guardsmen used their grenades and made an opening at the wall. The Dark Angel and Space Wolf readied themselves outside while the others stormed the building. The Dark Angel fired a rocket where the Commander was stationed, he managed to fire a second round before a Crisis suit responded in kind. Bursting through the doors, the Kill-team was met with a barrage of pulse fire. Guardsmen were cut down, but the Space Marines were making their way steadily. The Shas’o fired his Fragmentation launcher and cleared out many guardsmen, but the Space Marines kept coming.

Another rocket sailed to a bodyguard and heavily damaged it, the Space Wolf ran inside the building. The guardsmen rallied and lined themselves up and fired a dozen lasguns into the failing battlesuit. The armor began to melt as the Space Wolf fired the killing bolt round, the Crisis battlesuit fell out of the building while the Dark Angel made his way inside.

The Blood Angel saw his chance and charged the Shas’o. Lighting his jump pack, he sailed through the air and grabbed the legs of the Shas’o. Flipping over the battlesuit, he heaved with all his might and threw the Commander out the window, severing the leg which lay in his iron-hard grasp. The remaining bodyguard was assailed by three Marines and matched them in combat.

Before the Blood Angel could help, the Commander flew back inside, slamming the Blood Angel. The battle continued to rage in a stalemate until the Commander dodged out of his combat with the Blood Angel. Levelling his plasma rifle to the Space Marine, he let loose onto the hapless Assault Marine. Concentrated plasma seared into the Blood Angel, penetrating his chest, disintegrating his left arm, and severing his right leg. The Blood Angel fell to the ground unconscious.

With renewed fervour, the guardsmen gathered their reserve squad mates and let out an ordered fusillade onto the Commander, the armour started to melt, but the Shas’o still stood. Undeterred by the loss of his battle-brother, the Storm Warden broke combat with the battlesuit and charged the Commander. Using his ceremonial blade, the Space Marine drove the blade into the Commander, killing the pilot inside and letting the battlesuit fall onto the ground below.

A short fight with the remaining battlesuit saw no more casualties. The Kill-team raced outside with the body of the Blood Angel, still grasping the Commander’s leg. Inquisitor Dolos met with the Space Marines and informed them of his familiarity with the Tyranids. The Dark Angel and Storm Warden made arrangements with the Inquisitor to have the guardsmen permanently attached to the Kill-team as Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. Shortly, a Thunderhawk arrived with Watch Captain Marcus and a Techmarine. Rushing the Blood Angel into the Thunderhawk, the Deathwatch was debriefed by Marcus.

The Techmarine is to be made a part of the Kill-team on future missions. He worked with the on-board Apothecary to stabilize the Blood Angel. Working with the Shas’o leg, the Techmarine fitted well-crafted bionics onto the Blood Angel, including an artificial heart where the organic original was disintegrated from a plasma round.

The Imperial Guard was successful in rooting out the Tyranid hybrid coven and killed the brood leader. The Tau resistance was completely eradicated after a few hours and the rest of the Tau fleet was wiped out.


Sitting in the briefing room, Watch Captain Marcus shows a recorded message from Inquisitor Dolos. The planet of Baetov VIII is being attacked by a Tyranid Splinter Fleet consisting of a handful of ships. Disturbed more by the small size of the fleet than with the Tyranids themselves, the Watch Captain sends the Kill-team to get ready and sets a course for the Baetov system. The Inquisitor requests that the Kill-team be sent to destroy the Hive ship.

The Deathwatch cruiser breaks out of the Immaterium. Out of the viewing portals, the Tyranids can be seen orbiting Baetov VII. However, it is not a mere handful of bio-ships, but hundreds that are attacking.

With such dire news, Watch Captain Marcus still orders the Space Marines to destroy the Hive ship, however, if they are able, to also travel to other Hive ships and disrupt the synapse network. Although they may have to abandon the Baetov system anyways, the goal is to buy time, no matter how little, for the Imperium to respond proper. At any cost.



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