Shadow of the Serpent

Baetov VIII Mission Briefing

Ref: Dw/01928562/BI
Author: Watch Captain Marcus via Inquisitor Dolos Subject: Mission Briefing
Name: Baetov VIII
Location: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Jericho Reach
Tithe Grade: Yearly:
- Starship grade plasteel four million tonnes
- 10 million Imperial Guard recruits
Notes: Current victim of Tyranid invasion

Mission Details: Inquisitor Dolos has urgently requested the assistance of the Deathwatch to combat the Tyranid invasion of Baetov VIII. This will consist of two parts. One, to neutralize the Hive ship currently sending millions of Tyranids planetside to wipeout the Imperial resistance. Second, will be to find and neutralize Tyranid Hive Tyrants and secure ground zero. There will be another briefing once the Kill-team has landed safely in Imperial territory.

Neutralizing the hive ship: Find a way into the heart of the ship and destroy the central nervous system. Escape before the ship explodes or crashes into the planet. Once the hive ship is neutralized, command will be sent solely to synapse creatures such as Hive Tyrants and Warriors, this should make the Tyranids easier to deal with.

Due to the nature of the mission, destroying the hive ship is your sole objective.

Society: Baetov VIII is a fully developed Imperial Hive World. The home of 504 billion people and rising, the planet consists of 10 hives with populations ranging from 5 billion to 80 billion citizens. Much of the planet has been urbanized to fit the growing population, although whatever is left is the remains of a luscious deathworld. Street gangers and violence is common in such a tightly packed society, which is why there are so many sent to the Imperial Guard. There are petitions to increase the tithe. Another export of Baetov VIII is Starship grade plasteel that is regularly sent to the space yards on Jupiter in Segmentum Solar.



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