Shadow of the Serpent

Into the Heart of the Serpent
Session 4

Watch Captain Marcus briefs the Kill-team of the massive splinter fleet that is invading Baetov VIII. The mission will still go as planned. The Space Marines are going to fly into the attacking bio-ship and destroy it, hopping their way to other hive ships, if possible.

The squad look wearily at each other, but their resolve still holds. Strapping themselves into the Caestus Assault Ram, the squad readies themselves for the suspenseful flight.

Warning lights appear that indicate an imminent launch. Vibrations of the ship can be felt as the launch bay doors open. Shortly after, the Assault Ram lurches and the attack run begins.

The ship shakes violently at nearby explosions and near misses. By the power of the Machine Spirit, the Caestus holds together. Until suddenly a Tyranid Drone ship crashes into the Assault Ram and bisects it quite cleanly. The 2 Librarians and the Devastator are immediately sucked out of the ship and into the void, their power armour protecting them.

The Space Wolf was rendered helpless and the half of the Caestus he was stuck in fell to the surface of the planet. The Ultramarine and Dark Angel managed to hold their place until the Blood Angel could collect himself and fly to get his squad mates. The newly added Techmarine assessed the situation of the Assault ram and determined the engines still worked and that the ship was still flight capable. With the pilot dead, it would fall on the Techmarine to fly the ship.

The Blood Angel managed to jump pack to the Dark Angel to pick him up. Holding onto a piece of debris, the Devastator braces himself for on coming threats while travelling to the Librarian. Off in the distance, a Tyranid attack fighter is making its was toward the Deathwatch, but it seems like the Space Marines were not spotted. The Dark Angel aims his lascannon, and fires. By the will of the Emperor himself, the lascannon bolt hits the Tyranid ship directly, crippling it. The fighter could not maintain orbiting speed and eventually burned up in the atmosphere of the planet.

The Assault Marine picks up his remaining squad mate and returns to the barely working ship without further incident. Still with a glimmer of hope and the guiding hand of the Emperor, the Techmarine flies the Assault ram toward the targeted bio-ship. With god-like maneuvering, the Techmarine manages to reach the bio-ship without further damaging the Assault ram.

The automatic boarding protocols of the Caestus trigger and the single multi-melta bores a hole into the bio-ship. The Caetus Assault Ram successfully board the Tyranid war ship. An automatic boarding recording triggers. “Kill-team, we have arrived at the bio-ship. The Assault Ram has sustained heavy damage, but should be able to fly back to Imperial air-space. I will wait here for your return.” The Kill-team assumes the Machine Spirit detected working engines and at least half of the hull, and thus determined the Caestus still flyable.

The assault doors open and a rush of rancid odours fill the inside of the ship. The Space Marines step out onto what feels to be an organic floor, they feel a deep rhythmic pulsing similar to a heartbeat from the floor. They are in a tunnel. Occasional incandescent green ooze puddles and orbs dot the walls, but otherwise the Deathwatch are in darkness. Distant screeches can be heard coming from either end of the tunnel, telling how long until resistance is met is impossible.

Undeterred, the group picks a direction and walks. They have a feeling it is the right direction and the pulsating has gotten ever so slightly stronger. Out from the darkness Tyranids attack. Half a dozen Hormagaunts and a Tyranid Warrior charge the waiting space marines.

Before anyone could blink, the Dark Angel fires off a shot at the Warrior, nearly killing it. The Blood Angel immediately charges the nearest Hormagaunt and completely misses his attack. The rest of the squad fires into the few Tyranids and kills them all. The Devastator fires on the Warrior once more and atomizes the creature. The squad moves on.

Rounding a corner, the Librarian senses another intelligence, more concentrated and directed, unlike the ambient Hive Mind around him. But it was too late. A Warrior and half a dozen Hormagaunts slam into the Techmarine, Assault Marine, and Tactical Marine, with a Zoanthrope bringing up the rear. Parrying, dodging, and striking find a few Hormagaunts dead and the Blood Angel heavily wounded by the scything talons of the Warrior.

The Zoanthrope makes its way into sight range of its psychic adversary, the Librarian. Calling on the power of the warp, the Zoanthrope fires a Warp Lance at the barely ready Space Marine. The Librarian started to try to contend with the power of the Zoanthrope with his Psychic Hood, but quickly thought against it as the Warp Lance misses him by millimetres. The after shock of the psychic blast creating frost on his armour.

The Librarian readied himself and fired psychic lightning at his rival. The Emperor’s Fury embroiled his attack enough to overload the warp field protecting the Zoanthrope. The psychic shock causing its head to burst like a melon, sending brain matter all over the corridor. A short fight afterward saw the rest of the Tyranids dispatched quickly.

Shortly after the fight, the Kill-team manages to reach what appears to be the giant heart of the ship. “Heart” being the quite literal term. With their moment of peace, the kill-team decides to plant a couple dozen grenades and charges onto the heart and blow it up as they make their way back to the Caestus. Half way into planting their bomb, the sucking sound of something exiting an orifice fills the room. A carnifex lands on the ground.

The giant creature roars and attacks the nearest Space Marine, the Librarian. But completely misses. The Librarian calls out to the Kill-team, telling them to finish planting the charges, the carnifex is distracted.

The Blood Angel attempts to plant the grenades, but fails to figure out the pin mechanisms, he then settles with firing his meltagun at the Carnifex, burning the exoskeleton but otherwise not doing much damage.

The Librarian counter attacks and manages to plunge his sword into the shoulder of the monster, activating his force weapon, he shocks the mind of the creature. The Dark Angel readies more grenades properly. The Techmarine lays down the remaining grenades and the Dark Angel sets a timer for 30 seconds. The Tactical Marine moves away from the Carnifex and unleashes a torrent of bolter fire, using Hellfire rounds. The bolts tear into the Tyranid’s flesh, meaty chuck fly off its body. But the monster still stands.

The Carnifex attempts to attack the Librarian again, but the Space Marine successfully parries the blows. The Librarian immediately tries to grapple the carnifex, but the carnifex easily overpowers the Space marine and the Librarian ends up in its jaws, fighting for his life. The Dark Angel, seeing his squad mate’s peril, carefully aims his lascannon at the jaws of the Carnifex and fires. Hitting the monster square in the mouth, atomizing it and much of the throat. The carnifex gurgles in protest.

Sensing its very likely demise, the Carnifex turns itself into a living battering ram and charges the Space Marines. The Librarian, Techmarine, and Devastator, who were in the way, successfully dodge the attack. The Librarian also manages to jump onto the back of the monster. As a quick thinking move, the Devastator fires his lascannon, barely aimed, into the backside of the carnifex that is now face-first into a wall. The shot pierces the exoskeleton and vital organs, and kills the carnifex instantly. Just before leaving, the Librarian chops off the head of the carnifex as a trophy.

Just outside the entrance of the heart room, the Kill-team is met with a horde of Rippers. Lobbing grenades, firing full-auto bolter salvos, the Ripper swarm was thinning significantly, but not enough to make it not a threat. The Librarian decides to push his psychic powers beyond his training and let loose a torrent of power. However, the Dark Gods came to the fore and sent him an overwhelming surge that he could not control. His would-be lightning turned into sputtering flashes that went nowhere.

But then, the warp seemed to draw to the Librarian. Everyone was lifted 6 metres into the air and quickly slammed onto the ground. The Blood Angel sustained massive damage to the left leg which rendered it into a useless flap of skin and himself unconscious (he now needs a matching bionic leg). The rest of the party took heavy damage, and the rippers were all found dead; their broken bodies filled the area of the corridor.

Counting down the seconds, the timer finally reaches zero and the massive thumps of explosions, could still be heard clearly even though the Space Marines were a couple kilometres away. The bio-ship convulses in what appears to be pain. The pulsating of its heart has stopped, but its death throes toss the Marines off their feet. The Deathwatch feel the pull of gravity start to shift toward the side of the tunnels, the bio-ship is falling out of orbit.

Now running to the Assault Ram, the Kill-team stop to find a group of Tyranids fighting each other in front of the assault ship. The squad carrying the body of the Blood Angel, the Librarian steps forward and attempts to push himself again. This time it was successful. The fighting Tyranids were wiped out except for a single Zoanthrope, which looks into the heart of the Librarian.

Seeing it readying its psychic energies, the Librarian attempts to wrestle with the Zoanthrope’s mind. Although very victorious against the ailing Zoanthrope, the creature still manages to fire a warp lance at the Librarian. Concentrating on battling with his mind, instead of dodging, the Librarian is hit on his left arm by the psychic blast. The pain and psychic shock prove too much for the Librarian and the arm is sheared clean off and leaves him unconscious.

The Storm Warden picks up the body of the Librarian and the rest of the squad head toward the Caestus.

The Assault Ram is still in place. But as the Space Marines near it, a panicking drone ship must have crashed into the Caestus because the next second, the ship is not there. The sudden opening into the void creates a vacuum and pulls into everything nearby. With the bio-ship dead, the opening does not self-seal.

From the opening, the stars move by faster and faster. The outer edge of the planet below starts to come into view. The temperature rises as a warm glow starts to appear on the outside of the bio-ship.

Minutes pass and the shaking of the ship entering the atmosphere becomes more and more violent. Suddenly, the shockwave of the bio-ship slamming to the planet, followed by a just as massive explosion. The shock reverberates through the dead ship and into the helpless Deathwatch. The kill-team blacks out.


The Space Marines awaken to find either surviving rippers gnawing on their armour, being completely covered in gore, or under a pile of corpses. The squad is scattered about. Holding onto each other so tightly, they have managed to keep each other within local auspex range, within the ship

The hull of the bio-ship is burst open and burst to a crisp. The cloudy sky of the polluted hive-world is now visible.

Baetov VIII Mission Briefing

Ref: Dw/01928562/BI
Author: Watch Captain Marcus via Inquisitor Dolos Subject: Mission Briefing
Name: Baetov VIII
Location: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Jericho Reach
Tithe Grade: Yearly:
- Starship grade plasteel four million tonnes
- 10 million Imperial Guard recruits
Notes: Current victim of Tyranid invasion

Mission Details: Inquisitor Dolos has urgently requested the assistance of the Deathwatch to combat the Tyranid invasion of Baetov VIII. This will consist of two parts. One, to neutralize the Hive ship currently sending millions of Tyranids planetside to wipeout the Imperial resistance. Second, will be to find and neutralize Tyranid Hive Tyrants and secure ground zero. There will be another briefing once the Kill-team has landed safely in Imperial territory.

Neutralizing the hive ship: Find a way into the heart of the ship and destroy the central nervous system. Escape before the ship explodes or crashes into the planet. Once the hive ship is neutralized, command will be sent solely to synapse creatures such as Hive Tyrants and Warriors, this should make the Tyranids easier to deal with.

Due to the nature of the mission, destroying the hive ship is your sole objective.

Society: Baetov VIII is a fully developed Imperial Hive World. The home of 504 billion people and rising, the planet consists of 10 hives with populations ranging from 5 billion to 80 billion citizens. Much of the planet has been urbanized to fit the growing population, although whatever is left is the remains of a luscious deathworld. Street gangers and violence is common in such a tightly packed society, which is why there are so many sent to the Imperial Guard. There are petitions to increase the tithe. Another export of Baetov VIII is Starship grade plasteel that is regularly sent to the space yards on Jupiter in Segmentum Solar.

The Serpent Strikes
Session 3

Bursting out of the wall tunnels, the Kill-team is just in time to see the wall open and the Imperial Guard charge into the colony. The Dark angel called on a Commissar to call for Inquisitor Dolos and to be seconded some guardsmen for the final assault.

Shortly, the Inquisitor arrives and is given the Ethereal. The Deathwatch informs him of a Tyranid infestation within the colony. Troubled, the Inquisitor issues all Imperial Guard units flame throwers and additional grenades. The seconded guard squad sergeants advise the Kill-team of the arrival of medical chimeras that attend to the Space Marines.

Battle-ready once more, the Space Marines move to plan their next move on the now surrounded Shas’o headquarters. Huddling behind what little cover there is, Fire Warriors and Broadside Battlesuits defended the compound valiantly. Guardsmen filled the surrounding buildings and soon a barrage of Earthshaker rounds obliterated some of the defending Tau. In retaliation, a squad of Stealthsuits cleared a building of guardsmen.

The Deathwatch got into position with their Guardsmen. Over the voxcasters, the Storm Warden coordinated a company-wide assault onto the Tau position to make an opening for the Space Marines for the attack on the Commander in the building. The Dark Angel gave the order to fire a signal flare. All at once, the charging cry of several hundred guardsmen filled the air. Soldiers ran headlong into the Fire Warriors, making enough room for the Deathwatch to make it to the compound walls.

The guardsmen used their grenades and made an opening at the wall. The Dark Angel and Space Wolf readied themselves outside while the others stormed the building. The Dark Angel fired a rocket where the Commander was stationed, he managed to fire a second round before a Crisis suit responded in kind. Bursting through the doors, the Kill-team was met with a barrage of pulse fire. Guardsmen were cut down, but the Space Marines were making their way steadily. The Shas’o fired his Fragmentation launcher and cleared out many guardsmen, but the Space Marines kept coming.

Another rocket sailed to a bodyguard and heavily damaged it, the Space Wolf ran inside the building. The guardsmen rallied and lined themselves up and fired a dozen lasguns into the failing battlesuit. The armor began to melt as the Space Wolf fired the killing bolt round, the Crisis battlesuit fell out of the building while the Dark Angel made his way inside.

The Blood Angel saw his chance and charged the Shas’o. Lighting his jump pack, he sailed through the air and grabbed the legs of the Shas’o. Flipping over the battlesuit, he heaved with all his might and threw the Commander out the window, severing the leg which lay in his iron-hard grasp. The remaining bodyguard was assailed by three Marines and matched them in combat.

Before the Blood Angel could help, the Commander flew back inside, slamming the Blood Angel. The battle continued to rage in a stalemate until the Commander dodged out of his combat with the Blood Angel. Levelling his plasma rifle to the Space Marine, he let loose onto the hapless Assault Marine. Concentrated plasma seared into the Blood Angel, penetrating his chest, disintegrating his left arm, and severing his right leg. The Blood Angel fell to the ground unconscious.

With renewed fervour, the guardsmen gathered their reserve squad mates and let out an ordered fusillade onto the Commander, the armour started to melt, but the Shas’o still stood. Undeterred by the loss of his battle-brother, the Storm Warden broke combat with the battlesuit and charged the Commander. Using his ceremonial blade, the Space Marine drove the blade into the Commander, killing the pilot inside and letting the battlesuit fall onto the ground below.

A short fight with the remaining battlesuit saw no more casualties. The Kill-team raced outside with the body of the Blood Angel, still grasping the Commander’s leg. Inquisitor Dolos met with the Space Marines and informed them of his familiarity with the Tyranids. The Dark Angel and Storm Warden made arrangements with the Inquisitor to have the guardsmen permanently attached to the Kill-team as Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. Shortly, a Thunderhawk arrived with Watch Captain Marcus and a Techmarine. Rushing the Blood Angel into the Thunderhawk, the Deathwatch was debriefed by Marcus.

The Techmarine is to be made a part of the Kill-team on future missions. He worked with the on-board Apothecary to stabilize the Blood Angel. Working with the Shas’o leg, the Techmarine fitted well-crafted bionics onto the Blood Angel, including an artificial heart where the organic original was disintegrated from a plasma round.

The Imperial Guard was successful in rooting out the Tyranid hybrid coven and killed the brood leader. The Tau resistance was completely eradicated after a few hours and the rest of the Tau fleet was wiped out.


Sitting in the briefing room, Watch Captain Marcus shows a recorded message from Inquisitor Dolos. The planet of Baetov VIII is being attacked by a Tyranid Splinter Fleet consisting of a handful of ships. Disturbed more by the small size of the fleet than with the Tyranids themselves, the Watch Captain sends the Kill-team to get ready and sets a course for the Baetov system. The Inquisitor requests that the Kill-team be sent to destroy the Hive ship.

The Deathwatch cruiser breaks out of the Immaterium. Out of the viewing portals, the Tyranids can be seen orbiting Baetov VII. However, it is not a mere handful of bio-ships, but hundreds that are attacking.

With such dire news, Watch Captain Marcus still orders the Space Marines to destroy the Hive ship, however, if they are able, to also travel to other Hive ships and disrupt the synapse network. Although they may have to abandon the Baetov system anyways, the goal is to buy time, no matter how little, for the Imperium to respond proper. At any cost.

Session 2

The squad is gathered in front of the briefing room. Another space marine, a Space Wolf, introduces himself. He is a personal envoy of Inquisitor Dolos, seconded with the blessings of the chapter about a year ago. After the brief exchange, the group makes their way to the launch bay to get ready to be dropped into the colony.

Saying their final rites, the Space Marines strap themselves in. The Techpriests and servitors moaning prayers to the machine spirit and blessing the hull of the drop pod with holy ointment. Once complete, the drop pod launches to the surface like a missile. At thousands of kilometres an hour, an external camera shows the squad the battle the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy are waging at the colony.

The drop pod’s retro-boosters kick in and and slow the decent just in time to not completely obliterate the building it lands on top of. Through 2 stories of rockcrete, the drop pod lands safely amidst the ruins of a once perfectly functioning Tau/Human hybrid office. The squad immediately spots a trio of battlesuits fly to the north side of the colony, where the tau intelligence is located.

Shortly after surveying their surroundings, the group looks to their auspex and draws their route to take around the city. Luckily, they hear the footsteps of troops coming their way. Hiding, the squad waits until the Firewarriors hit line of sight and the Ultramarine unleashes a Smite on them, catching the Tau completely off guard. Immediately the Dark Angel and Storm Warden toss grenades and eliminate the squad. The battle was so short lived, not a single Firewarrior could call for assistance.

The Space Marines finally decided on going south to the nearest tertiary objective, on the way to the shield generator, hoping to bring in orbital support. The Kill-team runs into several more squads of Firewarriors, but dispatch them as quickly as they find them. The objective was only lightly defended and the team quickly completed the it.

On the way to the shield generator, the team detects many hostiles guarding it and heading towards it. The Space Marines hide in a nearby building and let the Dark Angel set up his missile launcher. All at once, the Deathwatch let loose. A missile flies directly toward the generator and heavily damages it. Bullets fly and a Tau Battlesuit falls in the initial salvo. After a short exchange, the shield generator is destroyed and the kill-team gets away safely.

Once the shields were taken down, communications between the Deathwatch and Imperial Forces were reestablished. Admiral Archer offered an orbital bombardment to the location of the Deathwatch’s choosing, locking onto a beacon. The Kill-team, however, chose to save this for later, possibly to kill the Shas’o. The team heads to the drop pod site to plan their next move.

While discussing their next course of action, the Ultramarine sees a light shimmering over one of the roof tops, but pays it no additional heed. The squad decides to give the Blood Angel a beacon to attempt to place it onto the Shas’o building, to kill him with an orbital bombardment with the rest of the squad placing the last beacon on another tertiary objective. However, while making his way through the alleyways in the hab-block, the Blood Angel is ambushed by 3 stealth suits. Riddled with pulse rounds, the Blood Angel charges the squad leader and makes a rent into the armour, hoping the rest would stop in case they hit their leader. Although he didn’t understand the language, the experience of a hundred battles told him the Stealthsuit gave the order to fire into combat.

Wounded heavily, the assault marine flees and regroups with the rest of the squad. The Space Marines realized the Stealthsuits must have been sent in after the shield generator was destroyed. However, with how precise the attack was, they had to assume the Tau would not only observing them, but listening in on the conversations. They then relied on the two librarians for communication.

Their plan came to be that they would make an explosive satchel with much of their grenades and place it at the edge of one of the northern hab-blocks, to draw the defences away from guarding the Ethereal’s building. Using the additional scanning power of their ships in orbit, the Deathwatch was able to observe the movements of nearly all enemy troops in the city. They also find two Tau Orcas being prepared for the immediate departure of the Ethereal. Time is running out.

After placing the charges in the hab-block, the team makes their way to the nearest block to the Ethereal’s hideout. The charges explode and completely level the northern part of a hab-block. The explosion was so large it caused buildings to shake. At that moment, the Ultramarine spots invisible Stealthsuits all around them, off balance. The Firewarrior squads are all running to see what happened.

Turning to the knowledge of Codex Astartes, the squad instantly decides to run as fast as they can into the Ethereal’s building. Only spotted by one squad, the team forces their way into the building anyways. Bolters blazing in a torrent of fire, the Space Marines mercilessly cut down the Ethereal’s guards. Before any Tau can react, the Dark Angel and Ultramarine work together to kill the attendants and stun the Ethereal. The Dark Angel breaks a leg of the Ethereal before restraining him with a mere hand on his shoulder. In less than 30 seconds, the Kill-team breaks into the Ethereal’s home, kills his bodyguards, and captures him alive.

Off in the distance, the group makes out 3 Battlesuits heading their way. In a stroke of genius, the Dark Angel has the idea to use the beacons to triangulate coordinates for Admiral Archer to use to fire on the Battlesuits. A minute after sending the coordinates, the orbital bombardment began. The Battlesuits were caught in the epicentre. The entire hab-block was obliterated and all that survived was a barely working Battlesuit that crash landed in front of the Ethereal’s building. The pilot ejected, but was immediately killed by the Space Marines.

Keeping the Ethereal hostage, the Space Marines make their way to the Orca transports. Once outside, the team is surrounded by Firewarriors, but no gunfire. After a short, but intense, verbal exchange, the Space Marines threaten the Tau into piloting the Orca for them.

The team flies their way to the Eastern wall where Imperial forces are still at a stalemate with the Tau. However, when looking around, the team finds a squad of Firewarriors eviscerated in the middle of the street. No Imperial weapons, to their knowledge, aside from chainswords could do that, but no other imperials should be in the city and the team was never in this part of the city. Focusing on the mission at hand, the Space Marines set down and find a service hatch. They bring the Ethereal and the unfortunate Air Caste pilot with them. The door was ajar, but the team forces their way in on high alert.

In low light, the Deathwatch make their way to the control room. Through the din of battle just through several meters of wall, the team makes out pattering of something organic on metal. A corpse was found in the control room, ripped apart. Guarding both entrances, the kill-team lets the Space Wolf open the wall gate. The whir of gears did nothing to dampen the screech of hundreds of voices echoing in the tunnel. All around, humanoid creatures with claws drop from the air ducts and run in from the tunnels.

Protecting the Ethereal the Space Marines cut their way through Hybrid Tau citizens, and eventually, genestealers. With the exit in sight, but what is turning into a sea of scrambling creatures on both sides, and forced to only move 2 abreast, the battle seemed bleak. Using any explosives could kill them all. Desperate and cut off, the Space Wolf decides to cast Smite. Taking cover, the squad is miraculously unharmed along with the Ethereal. The pilot was not so lucky. He was obliterated along with the Tyranid creatures. Before any more could stop their way, the Space Marines run outside. Heavily wounded, but alive.

Training Rites
Session 1

After a brief introduction with Watch Captain Marcus, the squad was sent to the training room. Their mission, to kill Tau commander dummies. An Ethereal and a Battlesuit commander.

Right off from the start, they come under fire. Bolter rounds whizzed by and managed to graze the Ultramarine in the head. Going from building to building, the Space Marines eliminated their servitor foes.

The first objective found was the Ethereal. The Blood Angel jump packed to the roof for an ambush. The rest of the party traded rounds with the servitor guards within. When the time was right to strike, the Blood Angel activated his jump pack and rushed the Ethereal dummy, severing the head with a single strike before anyone else could react.

On to the final building, the Space Marines planned their move. The Storm Warden throws a grenade and paralyzes a servitor guard. Deciding not to just look into the building, the Ultramarine steps into a hail of heavy bolter fire from 2 retro fitted automatic bulk loaders. Fortunately, the hand of the Emperor protected the dimwitted Marine, who managed to dodge the gunfire and keep safe behind the wall.

Getting creative, the Dark Angel rolled a krak grenade against the building wall and detonated it, severely damaging the side of the building. He then prepared his heavy bolter to fire. Seeing the potential in the idea, the Storm Warden set up his own krak grenades in the same spot and detonated them, destroying the wall and revealing the Commander Dummy to the Devastator who immediately let loose a torrent of fire into the side of the bulk loader, severely damaging its armour. The Blood Angel made his way onto the roof to toss a grenade at the enemy and was met with gun fire from one of the bulk loaders, nearly severing his legs.

At the distraction from the bulk loaders, the Ultramarine charges the Commander and rends the front of the vehicle with his force sword. The second bulk loader unloads onto the Ultramarine in front of the Commander, but doesn’t hit any. The Dark Angel lets loose another barrage of bolter fire into the side of the Commander and manages to wreck it. The training rites came to an end.

The party is sent to the briefing room to meet the other Imperial commanders and get the mission briefing. The squad is being asked to make a drop pad assault into the Tau colony to kill the commanders. They are also asked to destroy a shield generator and a section of the colony wall to get assistance from orbit and the Imperial Guard. Inquisitor Dolos also asks the Deathwatch to capture alive any Tau authority figure, the high the status the better.

Urza II Mission Briefing

Ref: Dw/01928374/BI
Author: Watch Captain Marcus
Subject: Mission Briefing
Name: Urza II
Location: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Jericho Reach
Tithe Grade: NA
Notes: Tau Empire colony

Mission Details: Inquisitor Dolos has petitioned the assistance of the Deathwatch to participate in a joint operation between the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy with the goal of destroying a recently formed Tau colony on the planet of Urza II. The goal of the Deathwatch is to kill the Tau commanders: a Tau Ethereal and a Tau Battlesuit Commander.
Once the Imperial Guard has started to lay siege on the colony, you will be sent by drop pod directly into the heart of the city. You are to find and kill both commanders for the destruction of the Tau force to be complete.

Secondary Objectives: A shield generator is protecting the colony and preventing Admiral Archer from fully supporting the Imperial Guard, destroy it. The Imperial Guard needs a breach in the colony wall, Lieutenant-General Trost recommends either opening the western gate or destroying a part of the western wall.

Tertiary Objectives: Set rallying points in three strategic locations. These locations will be provided for you and include supply depots and armories.

Inquisitor Dolos: The Inquisitor requests that you capture alive one significant Tau military official, be it a squad leader to a battlesuit pilot, or even the commander. This is a highly dangerous objective and will be left to your discretion.

Society: Urza II is a modern Imperial agri-world, most local decisions are decided upon a majority vote in a committee with the power to veto in the hands of the planetary-governer. Urza II provided a significant share of grox meat and wheat products to the entire Jericho Reach sector. The loss of this planet to the Tau has seen several worlds in nearby systems start to head to starvation. A revolt from the people of the world of Tau sympathizers, blinded by their propaganda of the “Greater Good”, overthrew the Imperial government 30 years ago. The Tau has since built their colony over the largest city on the planet and is currently developing the colony.

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